IBC 275 gallon
$249 + tax & freight

IBC-EVAL 275 gallon
$449 + tax & freight

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James Bateman

cell: 707-200-7838

Customers may pick up their tote order from the warehouse in Hayward, CA or I can put you in touch with a freight company. I have been selling totes for 6 years and have customers all over the United States, Canada & Mexico

Find out more about the EVAL EVOH technology HERE

IBC totes are a useful item to have around the winery, brewery & distillery for short term storage & transport. The IBC tote is available in 275 gallon & 330 gallon. The IBC-EVAL 275 gallon tote has an oxygen barrier built into the plastic to prevent oxygen from permeating the content.

IBC 330 gallon
$309 + tax & freight

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